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When a system is maintained properly it will provide years of high quality service.

Maintenance is always a subject, whether home owner or business that we dislike but must be done if we are to expect the equipment that has been purchased and installed to last for its expected lifetime. There are those that maintain their equipment with precision and timeliness whose equipment last far beyond the life expectancy of the manufacturer. Maintenance of water treatment systems must be done annually by Everclean Water Treatment Systems to maintain your equipment in top condition and to validate the lifetime warranty guaranteed by the manufacturer. The high performance and finely balanced heads that move thousands of gallons through them have small springs and solenoids that need to be replaced so as to allow proper function. Each system should have an annual sanitization of the heavy sediment cylinders.

Maintenance Plans are available through EverClean Water Treatment Systems whether your system was purchased from us or another source. We will evaluate the system that you have and recommend a maintenance option or replacement depending on the age of the system and tests that will be conducted on the water during the evaluation phase of the maintenance inspection. The typical life expectancy of the media in a water treatment system is between five to seven years however the new medias that are being created are moving that number steadily upward to ten years and more. If your system’s media has been corrupted or has finally reached its life expectancy and is no longer performing its function we will be able to determine that through water testing.

The maintenance plans that we offer have a base starting rate that cares for most common maintenance concerns and one set of heavy sediment filters for the year. There are a few items that require up charges such as uv bulbs and calcite. We also offer an up charge for those that require salt but are not able or do not desire to transport it to their water treatment location. We will purchase and transport the salt to the water treatment location and stack it for you. If you find that the bags are still too heavy to place in the system we can purchase and install a container with a scoop so it may be scooped into the brine tank with ease.

We at EverClean strive to provide an encompassing but economical approach to maintenance. As a result we keep the pricing low to accommodate the highest majority of clients and then up charge for specific system needs. When a system is maintained properly it will provide years of high quality service. This in turn results in fewer service calls and savings to the client.

Residential maintenance is relatively easy for the client. Depending on the system you may need to replace sediment filters at three month intervals or additional filters as you are instructed by your EverClean Water Treatment Representative. With a brine system it will be necessary to place salt in the brine barrel so as to maintain it half full or more.