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Good water contributes to a better bottom line and to reducing health costs and disease potentials.

Having good water as a part of your business is an asset to your company that contributes to a better bottom line. It can also contribute to the health and welfare of your patrons and employees reducing long term health costs and disease potentials.

If you are a business that uses city water the water that you are using is usually treated with either chlorine or chloramine which is a combination of chlorine and ammonia. The National Cancer Institute and the EPA have shared that people that consume chlorinated water increase their risks of cancer by 93% over those who do not. The University of Illinois in March 2009 reported that consumption of chlorinated water was linked to reproductive and developmental effects in children, breast cancer in women, and heart disease.

With a water treatment system custom designed to fit your businesses needs it will remove the chemicals, bacteria, and minerals in the water that cause liming, scaling, pitting, odor, foul taste, E. coli, coliform, lead, copper, chloride, fluoride, nitrates, radon, uranium, arsenic, and sodium. The removal of these properties will give you beautiful, clear, healthy water that will provide you with a better taste, reduced expenses and a lower environmental impact by reducing the amounts of cleaning agents needed to keep your business looking professional and clean. It will also impact your bottom line by reducing the hours necessary to clean by eliminating staining, spotting, and scaling. It will extend the life of your syrups, seals, gaskets, fixtures, and appliances while improving the overall taste of foods and drinks.

We are capable of implementing a variety of water treatment equipment for large or small businesses while still maintaining a personal touch and competitive pricing.

We use a combination of equipments from different companies to provide the best quality and longevity. The companies we draw our equipment from are long standing, certified, leaders in the water industry providing the highest quality and standards available. The medias we use in our systems are sourced from across the globe from mineral mines in Poland, production in Germany, sourcing in the USA and other valued, trusted companies.

We have the option of using brine tank solutions for water softening to non brine solutions to treat your water of the negative effects from mineral compounds in the water. The use of the non brine solution decreases the need for back flushing reducing the cost to companies that pay waste water disposal fees to the cities and towns in which they exist as well as extending the life of the septic system for companies not on city or town waste treatment systems. The non brine solution will also save companies money in their expense lines through the elimination of salt purchasing and maintenance labor of maintaining the salt in the system. The reduction of salt being placed back into either the city waste treatment system or private septic reduces your environmental impact providing you with a higher green standard rating. We have received testimonials from owners of motels that had prior softening systems that have installed the non brine system of savings in excess of $45,000 annually.

If you are a company that has been dealing with poor water standards we offer consulting to help you determine the type and size of the system you would like. The system will be customized to meet your businesses water problems. We do not provide a “cookie cutter” approach to any of our clients. Each system is individually designed for each business and water standard whether your water is provided through city water or your company draws from a well, lake, or river. We have a water treatment system that will work for your business.

In restaurants and bars the quality of water directly affects the taste of the beverages and foods that are served. We have installed systems in bars that are on city water that have improved the taste of the drinks so much that the patrons are commenting, unsolicited, on the improved flavor of their drinks. Having clean, pure water allows for the ice to be harder, clearer, and tastier while reducing the overall costs of ice machine repairs due to water fouling of the components and mineral buildups. This clean pure water has also contributed up to a 20% savings on coffee, syrups, and concentrates. The interior of the coffee makers will not be constantly coated with calcium and mineral deposit buildups requiring acid cleanings and costly repairs while decreasing the overall life expectancy of the machine. Water treated properly will also eliminate glass spotting while making your glass sparkle with up to a 50% reduction in detergents and no drying agents. The need to de-lime the equipment is also reduced significantly resulting in additional savings to these businesses through fewer service calls and agents to service the equipment.

In beauty salons the quality of water directly impacts the feel, consistency and health of your client’s hair. Water that has been treated properly will lather with a fuller, richer, and deeper clean while using 50% of the shampoos and conditioners. Your client’s hair will be softer, shinier, and will be more manageable. The dyes and tints will return a more vibrant, realistic, and true color appearance to your client’s hair. The most immediate savings will be reflected in reduced energy costs as your hot water heating costs can be reduced up to 25%.

Nursing, convalescent, assisted living, and medical facilities are falling under stricter and stricter standards each year to improve the water that they are giving to their patients. EverClean Water Treatment Systems will provide you with clean pure water that exceeds the stringent standards that have been set, standards that far exceed those maintained by city and town water supplies. Exceeding the standards will be only one advantage to using EverClean we will also reduce laundering expenses through an up to 50% reduction in soap use and significantly longer life expectancy of laundering equipment. The water will also not react negatively with chlorine additives to whiten the linens. The linens will maintain their original colors longer and will be brighter. Staining that has occurred will be easier to remove. Untreated water leaves mineral deposits in the fabrics that hold and retain stains making them harder to remove. These mineral deposits also act as microscopic sand papers within the fabric that thin the fabric’s integrity every time they are laundered reducing the overall life expectancy. These microscopic abrasions that occur during laundering also diminish the elastic effectiveness of fitted sheets allowing the elastic to be less taught resulting in a fitted sheet that pulls up over the corners of the bed.

In general any business that uses water as a heating source will see system efficiency improvements when using treated water versus untreated water. The removal of minerals in the water improves water heat retention allowing it to pass with higher heat values to the dispersement apparatus that your company has chosen to use. This improvement reduces the heating costs to your company improving the bottom line.